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Pleasant surprise

My vet highly recommended Synovi G 4 and gushed about what a difference this was having on dogs and their mobility. I always listen to my vet and after 2 months my two 10 yr. old labs do seem to be moving easier and have more energy.
They also love these little beef jerky like treats.

Good joint treat

I have gotten these before from the vet. I thought these were liver-flavored, but are not. My lab will eat it regardless, but the terrier won't eat it unless the smell is covered or put in her food. I have seen improvement in both of my dogs with this supplement. If you have a picky dog, get the liver-flavored.

Very Good Product!

Synovia4 has really helped my German Shepard which is 5 years old. He had his knee go out about 8 months ago so a vet had recommended this product for him and it has really helped him. He also likes them because he likes soft chews and these are always fresh and soft when delivered. We would highly recommend this product.

Beneficial supplement

Both my dogs really seem to benefit from Synovi G4 - less creaks and pops in the joints, happier to run around, generally healthier.

Great Results

After trying 6 other joint supplements I found SynoviG4. My 150 lb Akbash, working guardian dog, had a knee operation and was getting some arthritis in it. His working partner had some arthritis and was on Metacam. this product not only got him working without a limp BUT got his partner off her drugs!! I have recommended this to others now and they are also having good results!

It seems to be working....

My older dog has been taking SynoviG4 soft chews for a couple weeks. He is more mobile that he was. I think the longer is takes the better he will get.

great results

after our 15 year old cocker spaniel tore his ACL, and due to his age, not a surgery candidate, the vet suggested he take a glucosamine supplement along with fish oil. he has been on it for 6 months and he no longer limps and is doing very well. I was impressed with the level of improvement by taking just a supplement. Of course, we limit his running, jumping and activities. I have my other 3 dogs on the SynoviG3 as a daily supplement as well. Great Product and they love it!

Bad taste, bad smell.

My dog refused to eat them, they must have had a bad taste and I know they smelled bad. There is no reason that these types of chews can't taste good or smell good.


This is a good product but I had to order it twice as it was hard as a rock. I checked with my vet on the second order to see if I could still feed the hard ones to my 3 dogs. She said yes. I had to add water to break it up. I sure hope the next order is soft, the dogs due well on it. I would rate this product a 5 star if it arrives next time and the chews are soft. I have a 15 year old, 11 year old and a 4 year old.

So far, So good

My 9 year old lab is taking them but he is still on 4 a day and not on the maintenance of 2 a day yet. He loves them and the vet recommended them to try as he has arthritis. I will continue to give them to him. Vet said all the vitamins in this are easy for a dog to digest. .

SynoviG4 Great Product

I have so many products for my dog who has hip problems and nothing seemed to do anything. A friend recommended this product. (Her vet recommended it for her dog). I noticed a big difference in my dog who used to moan and cry. He no longer does that. He has an extra pep in his step. He's not 100%, but it has helped him make his arthritis more bearable.


Excellent stuff. I have a Chocolate Lab that will be 11 years old in two months. He is a totally different dog taking this. Before you could tell he was very uncomfortable, now he seems much happier and much more comfortable.


Norman's an 11-year-old rescued English Setter. Due to age, his hips are starting to stiffen and bother him. When he was off the Glucosamine he would cry in the night or when he stood up. When I put him back on the chewies the problem improved 98%.

Was not happy with collar

I was not happy with this collar. It did not work at all.

Dag's Dog

Having good results with this so far. My 10-yr old dog has very bad hips. Injections of Adequan in combinaton with Synovi G4 (2 per day) is keeping him very comfortable. He can still easily take a 3-mile hike but he had to retire from agility. Every so often he feels like a pup and chases the other dogs around.

great results with SynoviG4

my old dog was having problems getting up in the morning. now he is back to playing tug of war with my younger dog its like he is a puppy again thank you SynoviG4 you gave me back my puppy.


We have ordered this previously and thought it was great. They were soft and squishable. I use them to insert a pill into instead of a pill pocket and the dog benefits twice. The dog loves it and thinks it is a treat and we have seen improvement in his mobility. However the last time we ordered, the pills were all dried out and crumbly.

SynoviG4 Soft Chews for Dogs

I am so impressed with all the SynoviG chews. I have a Rottweiler and he has horrible joint issues. He has been on the Synovi Products since he was 3 yrs of age and he is 8yrs. now. I believe these products have extended his life with quality. When SynoviG4 added Turmeric to the mix I knew they were on to something big. I had just been hearing and reading about Turmeric and how effective it can be with joint and arthritis issues. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!